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Green Magic

Kinston Chronic Dispensary Scarborough, a 24 hour store for chronic cannabis strains.

For Members ONLY: $20 for 5 Grams! *Sold in 5GĀ Bags*

Green Magic is a mix of the traditional Green Manalishi and White Choco strains that leans somewhat indica. Known for its stunning look and powerful effects, Green Magic is sure to become your new favourite indica. Gorgeous forest green nugs with thick thin amber hairs and a dusty amber-tinted milky white crystal trichome covering cover this exquisite lady’s buds. The fresh fragrances of sweet chocolate and spicy coffee are unleashed as you break apart each sticky tiny nugget, all wrapped with a subtle earthiness. After you’ve finished exhaling, you’ll feel the effects of Green Magic begin to take hold. It begins with your mind before extending to the rest of your body. A giggling sensation will go from your head and down your spine to elevate your spirits to new heights of pure joy. Your body becomes stoned while your mind expands into joyous creation as a result of this sensation. Green Magic’s long-lasting effects and high THC content make it a popular choice for treating ailments including chronic pain, migraines, headaches, sleeplessness, and persistent stress or anxiety.