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Cake Crasher

Kinston Chronic Dispensary Scarborough, a 24 hour store for chronic cannabis strains.

Cake Crasher is a hybrid strain that is mostly indica. The name of this bud says everything about how it tastes. Cake crasher tastes creamy and cheesy, with a sweet nuttiness that stays with you long after the last puff. The smell is similar to that of the buds, and when they burn, they give off a mild, tangy zing. The high from Cake Crasher is just as tasty as the taste, with energizing and relaxing effects that will help you relax in no time. The high starts with a rush of effects on the brain that make you feel happy and calm, blocking out any negative or racing thoughts. Soon, a relaxing body high will start to spread through your body, lulling you deeper and deeper into a state of lethargy until you fall asleep. Cake crasher has been shown to help people who are sad, have chronic pain, can’t sleep, feel sick, or don’t want to eat. This bud has small forest green nugs in the shape of grapes. They have strong orange hairs and beautiful white crystal trichomes.