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Northern Extracts – Buzzy Peaches 400mg THC

Buzzy Peaches are a childhood classic that you can still enjoy as an adult, but as an edible! Buzzy Peaches are perfect when you’re looking to binge-watch some Netflix after work, or when you want to sit around and reminisce with friends about when you were kids. They’re nostalgia central, basically.

Buzzy Peaches have a mix of sweet and sour flavours, just like the candy they’re based on. If anything, this version is a little tastier because its made with higher quality ingredients. The taste conceals the earthy notes of cannabis extremely well, to the point that you might wonder if you’re getting any THC at all from eating them! Considering the 80mg dosage, though, I can promise that you’ll feel it when it hits.

Buzzy Peaches gummies strongly resemble their more legal counterpart, so practice caution if you live with children or anyone else who can’t ingest cannabis edibles for medical reasons. I know it seems like I shouldn’t have to say this, but there was that story from 680 news last year about a kid having to go the hospital because he ate a whole bag of ’em. They taste exactly like the candies, and the package has a single letter different. The kid was probably too young to even read the packaging!

Just be careful, is all.

Buzzy Peaches are delicious, but no one wants a panicked trip to the hospital because they left their gummies right beside the OJ.

The perfect dose: 80MG – with 5 pieces in each bag.


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